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Soundcloud is my new best friend

The name had drifted through my crowd for awhile, but I'd never really taken the time to find out how cool Soundcloud really is. After working from home for a few weeks I discovered hanging out with Soundcloud is way cooler than putting together silly little playlists from tracks I'd bought off iTunes. When I really needed a pal Soundcloud was there for me, and still is, whether it's while I'm sitting at my computer feeling uninspired or need a boost as I cruise through VanCity...I can always get Soundcloud on the phone.

It's like this whole new scene opened up for me, and all of a sudden I realized I'm not alone, that people in this scene like the same kinda beats as me.

I've never been a top 40 girl, never will. In grade 6, I was listening to RunDMC and the Beastie Boys. By grade 9, the hip hop got heavier, hanging with TooShort, IceT and Brand Nubian. Me and my buddy would sit at the Ravina bleachers belting out lyrics that no 14-year-old should know. It was at the same time I also found house, when another friend would wanna wile away the hours on the dancefloor of all-ages club Focus hidden behind Toronto city hall.

My love for house has stayed true but has also gotten deeper and more complex. Seems I'm not the only one. Here are my a few favs for the week, and if you want a deeper dose of my reality, check out more tracks I heart

JUNIOR BOYS - FM (Tensnake Remix) by Tensnake

Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Holy Ghost! Remix) by future classic

I had absolutely no idea who this guy was either, but find myself missing him like family when I'm away too long:

29 min mix 2011 - GUIDO by guido productions


Sookie's Song of the Week: Niggas In Paris

Kanye West x HOV = WATCH THE THRONE / Niggas In Paris. from JM.TREFLE on Vimeo.

So Kanye West and Jay-Z launched their new album Watch the Throne this week, and I surprisingly can't stop listening to it. I'm happy Kanye moved away from the all too ubiquitous auto-tune treatment to his tracks and went for something bassy and glitchy like this. I almost feel like he and Jay have their finger on the pulse of us Northwest coast bass junkies. My fav is the pulsating Niggas In Paris, I know the lyrics are typical hip hop hype but I'm still down...knowing sometimes you gotta throw it down so hard and dirty like this muthafuckers will fine you.



Sookie's Song of the Week: Tell Me - Jacques Greene

Somewhere in my social media web I found a little news nugget about Jacques Greene, a 21-year-old Canadian house music producer, soon to unleash an official remix for Radiohead's King of Limbs. Digging deeper revealed that Jacques had just spun here in Montreal for Mutek but i missed it! Fortunately I can probably catch up with him on the west coast where he's bound to spin some silky tracks for fans at Bass Coast project, my favorite music festival last summer.


Amazing Alien Toad on Discovery Channel

Here's a story I produced on the pipa pipa ( Surinam Toad) for Discovery Channel's show Is It Possible? It was filmed at the Vancouver Aquarium where they had a "pregnant" and camera-shy Pipa Pipa:


Best Olympic Moment from Torino 2006

I woke up at 10AM, when Olympic tickets were to go back on sale today, and quietly sat biding my time for a couple hours in the virtual waiting room of The page refreshed automatically, every 30 seconds, allowing users random access to the ticket site. When I finally got my chance I made my picks of available tickets but they seemed to disappear under my nose. Fortunately I did nail the one ticket I wanted above all else, the Olympic Ladies' Snowboard Cross. I doubt it'll be anything like my favourite Olympic moment from Torino in 2006 but I'm ecstatic that I got a chance like the rest of the world to be part of 2010.


Eminem the Rapper Was Prepared for the Bruno Ass Cracker.

So the MTV movie award stunt with "Bruno" landing in Eminem's lap was a stunt, according to my sources at (: . I knew Cohen's wires hadn't just had a Janet Jackson-style malfunction, he definitely knew what he was doing. The comedian recently had to stop filming his new Bruno flick because of an anal bleaching gone wrong - if that hasn't enough [press] to foreshadow the flying ass cracker manouvre I figured it had to be a stunt considering the Samberg sandwich with Timberlake in the limo. It was an obvious prelude of what was to come. What I can't figure out is, what benefit was it for Eminem? I think it would've been better if they kissed, a la, Britney and Madonna. It would've got all the mainstream press involved too, or at least CNN.


How to party like a 16 year old

I did have some great parties in High School but nothing like this!


Self-defense for Beginners

It's important to know self-defense I think. Here John Cleese demonstrates a proven method of protecting yourself against an attacker.


Spook in the City - Colborne Lodge

Travel with John and Sookie to all the spooky places in the city like historic High Park where we reveal the ghastly hauntings of Colborne Lodge.

Spook in the City - Grenadier Pond

It's said that a group of soldiers called the Grenadiers fell through the ice of High Park's Grenadier Pond during battle in the 1800's. Many did not make it out alive.

Spook in the City - Royal York Ballroom

The Spook in the City series continues with the haunting tale of what’s been referred to as the Crystal Ballroom, the once vibrant then vacant top floor of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.