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free ipods for real?

anno 2005
Originally uploaded by jorb.
Sometimes I can't believe my dad is way more hip than me when it comes to technology and gadgetry. He had the first slick G5 that rolled off the shelf and the first ipod, was the first to talk about itunes too.
So I'm jealous I guess. I work at home off a G3 laptop (hand me down) or G3 imac (also a hand me down), and when I'm learning video editing I head to my mum's to work on her G4 emac. In the next year, I've promised myself, I'll get the titanium powerbook I always wanted and an ipod. I've got to save the dough first, so when I came across one of these free ipod ads for the hundredth time today I caved. I signed up. I bought 5 DVD's from Columbia House, some good titles too (Collateral and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) even though I have Movie Network on Demand and see everything I want to anyway. I couldn't resist though.
About a month ago I came across a US paper's technology column where the author explained that he wasn't sure the free ipod thing seen all over the net was the real deal either, but he too signed up, picked an offer and told some friends. About a month later he got his ipod. Now he's got some weight to throw around...and I've only got this blog. I just couldn't resist the temptation of a shiny new 20Gig ipod to test out itunes latest podcasts. It still won't be as cool as my dad's 40Gig ipod, or as cute as the ipod minis but I'm really jamming up my poor little 9Gig imac at home, half of which is my itunes library.
If this ipod thing is for real I'll be thrilled, if not I'll console myself knowing that in a year I'll have a fantastic DVD collection and great presents for every occasion.


Blogger Luka said...

Found you via BlEx. If you want, send me your info for you referral and I'll post it on my blog. I'm doing that for several other bloggers now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can sign up for free ipods here!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey did you know you can get a free ipod pretty easily?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why do that when you can get a free ipod by just signing up and then completing an offer which is totally free at

Just highlight this site, coppy it and then paste it on your interne texplorer site

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my bad that was supposed to be internet explorer site adress


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