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Chopsticks and Video Blogging - An Adventure in Tokyo

See video below - needs Ant or Quicktime and about a minute of your patience to load.

Took a great course tonight at LIFT (Liaison of Independant Filmmakers of Toronto) which showed the ropes of video blogging, a relatively new phenomenon. Straight forward and fun, it's a great way to get your DV showed to an audience. I learned about the many resources for hosting video like ourmedia and internetarchive and then was able to post something I cut in final cut pro just yesterday. It's my first piece, so be easy on me.

Below is "Chopsticks", a piece I shot while travelling from Kobe to Tokyo, Japan on the Bullet Train. On the train we debate the art of chopstick eating, then we visit the Tokyo Fish Market where I get a humbling lesson on proper sushi eating technique.

Please click on image to start viewing video.

I want to show you the original here, and point out that I used the suggested FCP Express codec or compression: mpeg4. In the class, the instructor Lukas Blakk showed us a downloadable compression tool that works much better: 3ivx. Mpeg4 actually distorted the shape of the video, making our heads a bit elongated, and the pixelation was so much that the great Mount Fuji is barely discernable. So in the next video installment I'll show you the difference, a video compressed with 3ivx. The quicktime file with 3ivx may take longer to start but the quality of visual will be worth it.


Blogger Pommi said...

hi..i came here through your comment at, i like your blog already! n_n

quick suggestion. when i clicked your video of sushi ettiquette, i was promted by a window to 'save' or 'canel' the file to view. do you think you could have the option to just 'open' or stream the video straight off the page?

i'm bookmarking you, okay?

~Pammy ^_^;

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Come and check it out if you get time :-)


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