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Where Fashion Meets Function

Browsing the web today i came across this awesome gizmo that holds your ipod nano in your belt buckle, then you can run the earphones right up your shirt, like being mic'ed up for a live TV shoot. That's some serious functionality. Of course it looks great here with the nearly naked model, and it does look better in black (I've got the white ipod nano). As a big sci-fi fan who wishes people dressed more like the characters in The Fifth Element or Gattaca, I've gotta say, I wish there were more products on the market that blended fashion and functionality in a futuristic way.


Blogger wind-up-bird said...

holy craperel, that's cool. and can i be a big dork and say i've watched all the nacho libre confessional podcasts? hey, man, they're the only things that kept me awake and in a semi-coherent mood at 5:30 in the morning. those, and the ricky gervais podcasts... i am such a technology whore..


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