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The Cult of US Celebrity

What a funny world we live in... unless you're Michael Richards that is. Had to share this funny graphic I found on LAist with y'all. Poor guy, lost his head and now there's no going back. It's one of the funnier things about the States - they love to put people up on pedestals (honestly how did Jessica Simpson get up there?) but even more they love to rip them right off and shove dirt in their face. Case in point: Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Kanye West... With a media circus like they have in the US, and now with citizen journalists faithfully roaming the country's dirty back alleys, celebs better watch their back, or hire someone to do it for them. Mel Gibson is damn lucky there were no cameras filming his recent tirade, but our dear Kramer is not so fortunate. If you're one of the few who missed the video catch it on TMZ. Just press play.


Blogger tony said...

thanks for the love baby. but since we update at LAist like freaks, perhaps you should change the link to us to the specific post so your readers wont think that youre insane

much love to Canada, i should be in BC in Jan


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