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Google Earth Rocks My World

toronto skyline
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Wow! What I saw on a friend's PC yesterday was amazing. Google Earth's interface made me feel like I'd advanced 20 years into future technology. The application, available for PC's from Google, lets you look up any address on Earth and get a bird's eye view of the location. From far or from close, Google Earth is amazingly detailed. It's satellite imagery.

Check out downtown Toronto for example, or Manhattan, and you'll float over the silhouette of each skyscraper, each street (named for your convenience) and any landmark viewed from an aerial position. Switch the view and all of a sudden you're standing in front of the skyline. Put in another address half way across the country and you'll get a driving tour.

This is the bomb. Forget mapquest or yahoo maps, forget atlas' and Perly's. The future is here and now. The future is Google Earth.


Blogger sarchi said...

That's a WOW for sure? a Gary Turner I sort of know is a Londoner and did it I would but fancy it may be a handful..doh
Reading your articles is like I missed prime time television and I just saw that series 'Lost' ?


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