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Keep It Cool

Hot laptops
Originally uploaded by tjriley82.
After a night of partying on Saturday I wound up at the after-party’s after party and ended up talking geek talk with the son of the creator/business-mind behind Maya/Alias Wavefront (I’m better at fact-checking when sober). I’m not a girl who gets excited talking about what Angelina’s new baby is wearing or if Britany Spears will follow Jolie’s steps to paparazzi-free delivery in Namibia, but I do get hyper hearing about Apple and their latest product innovations. So my friend was saying he’d heard that Apple was offering liquid cooled computers, potentially to eradicate the problem of noisy cooling fans in some systems, certainly a problem my father could attest to, he’s brought his imac G5 in several times to get the noisy fan fixed.

I’d be thrilled if my powerbook had had an innovative approach to cooling. I looked forward to chilling on my rooftop deck in the summer sun with my pride & joy in my lap, but find that I just can’t stand the heat transfer it radiates to my thighs.

So far liquid cooling is offered only in the Power mac G5 2.5GHz model, manufactured by Tawain’s Hon Hai, where Apple, Dell and a third PC are said to be outsourcing CPU-related production.


Blogger Juxtapose said...

Liquid Cooling is some interesting tech, and I believe Microsoft has employed it in their new Xbox 360 console.

Always hesitante of newer, less established tech though, I'd still take a fan or fans over it for now.

Blogger sarchi said...

maybe but you have to find a way round that and mram might be the way forward requiring less power will not sacrifice the advantage of the many portable devices now at hand


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