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Will Earthle Save the Earth?

I made a cool find on facebook this morning. Earthle, a new search engine using Google results, uses an all black screen so we can all save (computer) energy and save the world. It sounds so easy. Just switch your google homepage to Earthle and you will save yourself 15 watts per page. It says on the facebook group page that if we all make this change - all of us around the world - we can save enough energy to run 6000 televisions for a year. I might be a bit hungover this morning but this logic is losing me. How about just turning the TV off in the first place? How often do people just leave their TV running? Or lights? Or other household appliances that aren't in use? You want to save the world? Start there.

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Blogger Digg said...

What's better than turning off the television is turning it off and using Earthle. Going to Google still wastes energy that using Earthle would save.

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stephanie says hi too

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im the coolest i love saving energy!!! i escaped from the psycho ward!!!!

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someone get this crazy child out of here! She/He is disturbing the peace of cyber space!


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