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Golden Globes Miss the Point

I just tuned into the Golden Globe Awards to catch Alec Baldwin win an award - good on him. I've thought he was funny, albeit smarmy, ever since he hit on my friend and I as he exited the Sutton Place In Toronto.

Next up, Best Comedy Series. The list of nominess was incredible. How can you pick a winner between Entourage, Weeds, The Office, Desperate Housewives and, oh wait they did... it's Ugly Betty. Is that a joke? Did they miss the point? Ugly Betty is a ridiculous little show which plays up ridiculously overdone stereotypes...the rest all have characters who, each alone, have more depth and comedic talent than Ugly Betty's whole cast. I thought CityTV had made a huge mistake buying the show when I'd first seen ads for it. When I watched the show I was completely bored. Next thing you know The Devil Wears Prada will win and award for something too.


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