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The Shocking Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith
Originally uploaded by Rootje.
Anna Nicole Smith rose to superstardom quickly and seemed to want to stay there, moving from Guess model to Playboy playmate to trophy wife to failing Reality Star with ease. She often mimicked and was found to resemble the late, and also fragile, Marilyn Monroe. For the most part though Anna had a hard time handling life with the same grace. Booze and drugs helped her cope, but also made her out of control - not in a funny Courtney Love way - but rather as a shocking starlet always tripping over her own feet, and often her words too. She made little sense and was sadly mocked by many. I often thought that Anna Nicole Smith and Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt would make the perfect couple, but that day will never be. Rest in Peace Anna. Just goes to show that even a sexy centerfold worth hundreds of millions of dollars can't necessarily find true happiness.


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