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Score: Mac 1 PC 0

Originally uploaded by DanMelinger.
Was listening to 680 News this morning (Toronto radio) and was shocked to hear that Microsoft quietly reconfigured their anti-spyware applications so that one spyware maker, Claria, isn't blocked by their program any longer. While there is a justification for it on their site, I think anyone who has heard the news - that Miscrosoft is rumoured to be in acquisitions talk with the ill-thought of Claria - can read between the lines.

So Microsoft is working on both ends of this problem. Trying to help users by selling anti-spyware applications, then possibly investing in the very company that creates the ubiquitous spyware programs that run in Microsoft's OS and severely disrupts the activities of approximately 2% of PC users wordwide. As if there weren't enough distrust for Microsoft already.

I know the battle between Mac users and PC users will rage on. Sure PCs are cheaper (that's about the only argument in favour of PC), but for both novice and seasoned computer users it's just one more argument I have in favour of purchasing an Apple computer over a Windows-based PC.


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