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Microstock Means Cheaper Stock Photography

I've had a fair amount of success getting my photographs published using Flickr, but so far I've made only about $100, for one shot that hangs in a Yorkville hotel. Now I've begun selling my photos through microstock manager Fotolia.

Microstock sites are popping up frequently, challenging old licensing models and the expensive stills rates of traditional photographic agencies. Microstock sites, now used with more frequency by online and print media designers, can deliver high-quality photographs for super cheap rates, often starting at only a dollar. So far, I've only posted a few shots in my stills portfolio, but with my new Canon S5IS in hand, I intend to add dozens more and hopefully reap the rewards of my snap-happy hobby.

If you've got a bunch of snaps you think could sell commercially, click this link to Fotolia and sign up. I'll get a credit for the referral and you'll make some extra bucks doing something you enjoy.

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