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Lindsay Lohan A Postive Role Model for Young Women

So Lindsay Lohan is getting busted again, this time for chasing someone in another car while driving in a Santa Monica parking lot. She was wasted at the time and in possession of cocaine. Her arrest makes me happy for a few reasons.

1) It used to be just the bad boys of Hollywood that showed their devilish side and got arrested. So Lohan and her brat pack are showing that women too can be as equally dubious as their male counterparts. You've come a long way Baby.
2) It might make parents of spoiled American kids like those on My Super Sweet Sixteen think twice about giving their kids keys to a luxury sports car at such a young age, so Lohan is helping women of the world by keeping them out of trouble.
3) Mostly I'm just pleased to know that Hollywood is keeping it real, and showing us that being an A-hole is not just an act for the sake of all us suckers who feed off the cult of celebrity. Lohan and her brat pack's good old days are over, and that means spoiled girls who think it's okay to act like A-holes too should now be warned they’ll get their just dessert too.


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she is hot though!


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