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Gmail Licenses My Fav Family Pic

Seems Gmail scours flickr for free pictures too. In this case they came across my favourite family photo, one of my father and me as a small child in a Rocky Mountain snowfall. About a week ago they asked to license the rights for its use and tomorrow evening (the 25th) the shot goes live on their logout page for US users only.


Blogger wil royce said...

It's very sweet.....I collect old photo cubes, remember them? It reminds me of one of those classics....They try to frame it to make it look as if was scanned from a 70's polaroid, but the photo looks too good to be from that....Happy Christmas....

Oh, when I saw the photo credit, I Googled you..

Happy Day...


Anonymous Jerrold said...

Congrats, Sooks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is awesome. A friend told me that the guy in the google pic looked like it could be me and we had the conversation about whether it was an old pic or just taken to be retro - and of course googling the "photo by" name turned up this blog. It was fun learning that it was an old family photo.

Congrats !!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, that was me that said the last commenter looked like the man in the photo. :) (he does!)

Sweet photo, congrats!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I’m the man in the picture, Susanne’s proud Dad. Now yesterday somebody asked me: “Haven’t I seen that face somewhere else” and answered “Not a chance, its always been right here on top of my neck” but that was without thinking of Google.


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