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Women On Mars?

NASA distributed recent pictures, taken by Mars explorer Spirit, on the red planet which news reports are speculating could be a sign of life on the planet. The photo, they say, depicts a female figure walking down a mountain swinging her arm. How they know the figure is female beats me, and without a sequence of images it's really difficult to believe that there's any movement of the figure. For all I know it could be a bizarre geological feature of the planet that creates such sculpted figures. Perhaps Henry Moore left something behind in a recent visit.


Blogger Juxtapose said...

Looks more like the shadow from a hill's drop-off to me. Keep going to this "martian's" left, and it looks like a hill line.

While there may very well be life on Mars, I'd be surprised if this were it.

Anonymous Cyphersadoka said...

I think it is a statue , like the one you see on old Roman buildings.


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