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Skate Video

Tony Skating Shit Ditch
Originally uploaded by headphonerecord.
So I finally got my "editing career" underway. I have tons of footage now: hippy camping in the river, electronic music and graffiti festivals, Japanese kids sticking toothpicks up their noses...great stuff.

My current project was slicing together video from a friends bday at a skate park. I downloaded the Pharrell tracks from itunes, converted them to AAC and then was halted by the window that says music purchased in itunes isn't available for use in final cut pro. What's up with that? I thought I had the world at my finger tips.

I complained a bit and someone told me to try Soulseek. I'm not fond of music sharing programs, both Limewire and Kazaa have had some serious effect on my flow. Any word on what works best for mac? Anybody tried Soulseek?


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