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Beeker's Comeback

It's been years but Beeker has finally made a comeback. Here, for your eyes only is the exclusive YouTube music video of his first number one hit since Stayin Alive. Watch out Justin Timberlake. This time he's back and he's hardcore.


Sole Survivor

Watching Survivor always makes me a little jealous. I'd love nothing more than to be out there on the beach, living it up and keeping an eye on the million dollar prize. However, I'm more of a behind-the scenes girl. Six years ago, before I'd ever heard of Survivor I followed a news clip in a Cairns newspaper which talked about the making of a documentary in nearby Mission Beach, Australia. I was only 200km away and hoped on the bus for a shot to help make it happen. I was told then that it had wrapped, but months later, I found out they were filming Survivor. Since then I've been hooked. My interest has wanned from time to time but this season the Burnett team kept it fresh and delivered some great tension and twists on Cook Islands. Beyond that they chose some hardworking and deserving competitors. All along though my hope was that Yul would win and (SPOILER ALERT!) he did! I was touched to hear what he said he'd planned to do with the big win - become a spokesperson and he hoped that his status could help make him a role model for Asian men and minorities in the media. I hope with all his fame he does put it to good use and maintain his integrity too. If it were me out there I would've done my best to play it just like this champ.


A Million Bucks and an E-ZPass

Spoiler Alert!
This season of The Amazing Race comes to a close with male models Tyler and James bringing home the million dollar prize. Best part is that it all came down to a cab driver with an E-ZPass, who zipped them through the toll booth and lost competitors Rob and Kim who were hot on their tail and depending on them for directions. Second best part is, the models seemed like decent guys, unlike the fighting couple behind them and thankfully nothing like the beauty queen contestants who acted like bratty 10 year-old princesses for most of the race. In the end it's the good guys who won, makes it worth watching this latest season.