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DIY - Laser Etched Powerbook

my laser etched powerbook
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I'm in the market for a new toy and was looking through Apple's site all morning comparing Powerbooks to iBooks when I came across this awesome do-it-yourself laser etched powerbook featured in Make magazine. Everyone keeps telling me the iBook is a better value but I just don't think you can beat the coolness factor of the mac Powerbook. When I see editors and graphic designers bring them to work I can't help but “oooo” and “ahhh”. They look fantastic, and now knowing I can personalize the mac with my own etched design makes it all the more desirable. Sure I'd be blowing at least CDN$3000 (all in) but won't it be worth it?

When I came across Make magazine recently I was impressed with a number of other DIY toys and projects, particularly some which feature iPods and Altoids tins, and there was a great link to useful information on getting video from your ipod onto your TV. Check it out for yourself.