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Canada's Next Top Metropolis

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A couple things weirded me out about Canada's newest borrowed TV format Canada's Next Top Model, which debuted a couple weeks back. First, CityTV couldn't seem to find a level for the audio, it was jumping all over the board. The worst thing however, was the location of the show. Fashion in the forest? I just don't see it. The model's retreat is a gorgeous spot on the lake outside of Victoria, B.C. where "Supermodel" Tricia Helfer flies in to meet the young models on a float plane. Sure, great shot, great scenery, but where's the context? Canada's Next Top Model comes across as "Super" amateur because of this bad decision. The show should be pushing this country's fashion-focused metropoli, Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. That's where the talent, the passion and the energy are, which sadly seem to be missing from the Canadian version of this show.

American Air

Permanent Monday
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The cost of saying FUCK over American airwaves just jumped in price a whole shitload. There had been a lot of dirty talk on the streets of raising the FCC's fines from about $32,500 to $325,000 per violation of the broadcast indecency rules, and now President Bush has made it official.

How does the FCC define indecent? If "in context [it] depicts or describes sexual or excretory activities or organs in a patently offensive manner as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium", but for indecent speech the FCC has determined we can let it loose after 10pm and before 6am.

This makes rules much more lax in Canada, but difficult for Canadian TV producers who want to sell their shows to the states.


Keep It Cool

Hot laptops
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After a night of partying on Saturday I wound up at the after-party’s after party and ended up talking geek talk with the son of the creator/business-mind behind Maya/Alias Wavefront (I’m better at fact-checking when sober). I’m not a girl who gets excited talking about what Angelina’s new baby is wearing or if Britany Spears will follow Jolie’s steps to paparazzi-free delivery in Namibia, but I do get hyper hearing about Apple and their latest product innovations. So my friend was saying he’d heard that Apple was offering liquid cooled computers, potentially to eradicate the problem of noisy cooling fans in some systems, certainly a problem my father could attest to, he’s brought his imac G5 in several times to get the noisy fan fixed.

I’d be thrilled if my powerbook had had an innovative approach to cooling. I looked forward to chilling on my rooftop deck in the summer sun with my pride & joy in my lap, but find that I just can’t stand the heat transfer it radiates to my thighs.

So far liquid cooling is offered only in the Power mac G5 2.5GHz model, manufactured by Tawain’s Hon Hai, where Apple, Dell and a third PC are said to be outsourcing CPU-related production.


Howard Stern On Demand

Howard Stern On Demand
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Howard's back in action, this time on TV. Let's hope it lasts this time. Canadians can find him on Rogers On Demand where they'll be 30 new hours of uncensored Howard TV a month.

It's been a long time since I've listened to Howard Stern's radio show, and to be honest I'm not sure if I've grown out of it or not, but I figure if it's on On Demand I can just forward through any silly bits and get to the juicy stuff I love him for.


I Owe It All To....

blogger step1 blogger
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Eleven months into my blogging hobby I now have 5 blogs, I’ve created 114 posts and -here’s the BIG NEWS- today I reached 10,000 hits. Thank you all for stopping by, leaving comments (that’s what blogging’s all about) and showing your support for my writing habit.

Feel like going for a spin? FourONEsixSTYLE will take you for a ride around Toronto. Need to know what’s hot in technology and media? Freshtracks will give you the latest news, reviews and breakthroughs. Don’t want to travel the bumpy road anymore? Travel in style when you visit bumpmedia’s travel blog.

Burgeoning blogs include one for my Theta friends from University to stay in touch, and another blog building up to the 2010 Whistler Olympics (I can’t wait).

Highlights of my blog career include getting posted on CBC’s The Hour homepage (thanks for noticing) and getting one of my flickr photos published on a book cover.

Now that I’m feeling like an old time blog pro I’ve also started contributing to an addictive urban blog called blogTO. You’ll catch me posting there at least 3 times a week.

“Where do you find the time?” my friends ask. It's not so much a matter of time - it's therapy -if I wasn’t writing I’d go mad. So please, drop by and read my blogs now and then and help contribute to my sanity.

Where Fashion Meets Function

Browsing the web today i came across this awesome gizmo that holds your ipod nano in your belt buckle, then you can run the earphones right up your shirt, like being mic'ed up for a live TV shoot. That's some serious functionality. Of course it looks great here with the nearly naked model, and it does look better in black (I've got the white ipod nano). As a big sci-fi fan who wishes people dressed more like the characters in The Fifth Element or Gattaca, I've gotta say, I wish there were more products on the market that blended fashion and functionality in a futuristic way.