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Bad Vibes Can Be Hazardous to Computers

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A funny article in the Toronto Star today reported findings of a Princeton University study which reveals that some computer problems could be the result of people sending out bad vibes toward their system. So, next time you find you have a computer problem at hand, whether it be viruses attacking your hard drive or software conflicts, maybe you should consider changing your attitude. It could simply be that your consciousness is wishing that bad things happen to your computer. Unbelievable!!! The Princeton lab had studied this apparent phenomenon for 26 years!!!


Android's Are Human Too

Since catching the movie The Stepford Wives, I've joked with my bf about how he'd probably like it if he had a remote control to regulate what I do and say. "Off. Off! Off!!! Damn, why isn't this thing working?" Would be convenient at times I'm sure. Well, that could soon become a reality.

Japanese scientists have created the most life-like robot I've ever seen. With silicone for skin and fluttering eyelids, this robot's creator has picked up the nuances of being human and built it into a gorgeous little Japanese android. But, she won't be stealing our boyfriends just yet. The creator of the Repliee Q1Expo hasn't yet incorporated walking into the modern geisha's repertoire, though she can gesture and sense when she is being touched. Sake anyone?