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Getting Published in Variety

TIFF Variety
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Before the Toronto film festival I was asked to come up with a piece on nightlife hotspots for Variety's Daily - Gotham edition. That meant doing some serious research and took me to new places like Ultra and Sonic while also catching up on the scene at old favourites like Footwork. Sitting down with the manager of Czehoski's was eye-opening. The converted butcher shop and former mob-hangout has now become one of my favourite after-work hangouts.

The experience of getting published was exhilarating but also at times very trying. My first write-up was my best I still think but didn't fall in line with what blogTO wanted and since they'd hooked up the special Toronto section in the Daily mag I had to follow suit. I was told my writing was too Toronto Life so I had to change it into first person and drop some of the glam spots I was covering. Not all places I covered were my choice and that's fine, but it can be hard to profile and promote somewhere I wouldn't necessarily hangout.

When I finally got my edition by chasing around film fest HQ - The Sutton Place - and nearby restos, I wasn't thrilled to see my name spelled wrong and my nickname turned into a cutsey nickname I wouldn't even let my boyfriend call me. However, it's still an honour and a valuable experience toward my goal of freelance writing. I'd do it again - even if they do call me Snookie.


Consuming Black Culture

A friend sent this funny rap by a bunch of preppy white guys in the style of a hip hop video. Was surprised by one of the comments by missbizzybody that said: "Not to kill everybody's high, but has anyone considered the consumption of Black culture by White folks and how this perpetuates that? This is not to cause an argument; I only hope to raise people's awareness." I found it such a bizarre thing to post. Does she suggest that if white people didn't listen to hip hop and try to emulate it it would stop? That would be a sad day.


Where's My Entourage?

CityTV knows how to push a new show and their latest baby, Entourage, premiering on cable in Toronto tonight at 10PM, is no different. If you've seen the commercials you're probably not impressed. Somehow CityTV has managed to take the best parts of the show out, inserted some T&A and call it advertising. While the show, shot in LA, will reveal a world of fast cars and beautiful women, it's the relatable characters and sharp comedic dialogue that will capture audience attention.

In the lead is budding star Vince Chase, whose story is loosely-based on Exec Producer Mark Wahlberg's foray into fortune and fame. Vince is no underwear model though, just a down-to-earth guy from Queens making some tough decisions with the help of three hometown friends who follow his every move. Vince's high-powered agent Ari - the real star of the show - has no time for the boys' slow learning-curve, but in the end their east-coast values often triumph over Ari's shallow ones.

Fans of the HBO show who have been watching it on TMN for the past three seasons will have to be patient as no new shows are offered on the schedule as of yet. Instead we'll have to see if CityTV can produce as successful a following, since much of the racy dialogue which defines the show will have to be removed, Sex And The City style.

(image: CityTV)