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Women On Mars?

NASA distributed recent pictures, taken by Mars explorer Spirit, on the red planet which news reports are speculating could be a sign of life on the planet. The photo, they say, depicts a female figure walking down a mountain swinging her arm. How they know the figure is female beats me, and without a sequence of images it's really difficult to believe that there's any movement of the figure. For all I know it could be a bizarre geological feature of the planet that creates such sculpted figures. Perhaps Henry Moore left something behind in a recent visit.


2008 Weblog Awards

If you take your blogging to heart now's the time to stand up and nominate your favourite blogs for the 2008 Bloggies and get a little recoginition for your efforts and the efforts of those blogs you love. While entries can come from around the globe, finalists will be announced in Texas and on the web January 22.