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Take A Lesson From Gandhi

I am a Canadian and a Dane living in Canada. I have friends in the Muslim community. However, I am still no closer in understanding why the cartoons in the Danish newspaper offended Muslim's and why extremists must turn to violence to demonstrate their frustration. It appears the prophet Muhammed was illustrated as a terrorist. It really doesn't help the Muslim cause of defending the intrigrity of their prophet and the cause of disproving western people's beliefs that there are ties between the Muslim world and terrorism when those who saw these cartoons decided to demonstrate their anger through killing and violence. There is some great irony here.

Instead there should be a dialogue between nations and religions. This can only be achieved through freedom of speech, a value intregral to a free society. The country of Denmark should not be punished because they support freedom of speech. Most of the world supports this cause. No one is going to budge and what is expected anyway? We CANNOT undo the past but we CAN show respect moving forward, from BOTH SIDES.

People have offended me in the past. I do not burn their homes or cars. I simply tell them, and I try to open a bridge so there will be understanding between our different points of view.

Gandhi should be an example for us all. Love your neighbours. Spread compassion. Support Freedom of Speech and non-violence.

For kicks, see what Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have to say on the Danish cartoon fiasco


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Blogger filckrpics said...

Agreed - I had some MORON come into my shop the other day that wanted me to print tees with that bomb cartoon on it . I don't need the business for that crap .

I don't understand the way many people think -or don't ?????

Blogger Fitech said...

Wow, did you read the comment string that that Comedy Central clip produced. I read like half of it and had to get back to work. That's quite a discussion. Nice blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your dad’s wife was baptized Roman Catholic as well as her two kids.


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