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RazR RingtoneZ

Razr and Powerbook 15
Originally uploaded by ultramookie.
My girl Wendy just got herself a sweet little Motorola Razr this weekend and already had some great ringtones. I'd had mine for about a month but hadn't really customized it to my liking yet. I was pretty impressed that I could go on the phone's browser and pull up available ringtones and search for songs as well. I looked up the first thing I thought of: Gwen Stafani's song Bananas. A message told me it would cost $3.00. Kinda steep but fine, whatever. Then another message pops up, they'll be a 50cent charge for something else. Sure, ding me again.

For a $3.50 total (though I haven't seen the browser charges for surfing in the first place) I get my one song. Kinda wish I'd bought the itunes mobile phone at this point. Surely it only cost 99cents a song, no? When I get my song changed and downloaded I realize that for $3.50 I got a crappy 8 seconds of Gwen's song that doesn't even loop properly when it rings. Come on! No wonder mobile content (esp. ringtones) is one of the faster growing industries worldwide. It's a worse scam than bank fees.


Blogger sarchi said...

I totally agree even that crazy-frog getting another airing.. all over for Christmas.. Alan got Stella the iPod video for Christmas and she's over the moon configering it an all - she's a lucky girl but I don't really think I like the unremovable battery thing.. you have to send it back and what if they mess your list up..


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