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More Fun and Games

It's called Guess the Google. Random images are shown to you and you have twenty seconds to guess what google seach keywords may have generated those images. Give it a try!


Blogger gani said...

girls who love technology are hot yo. especilly the ones who start talking about macs. mmm.. macs... big macs..

Blogger gani said...

umm... i meant especially... i can spell... sometimes i can even spell without the help of my spellcheck...

Blogger -joel- said...

no way.

you like your macs as much as your sushi and your bret easton ellis (well, <0 is the best , i think... with the informers too ) but whoah, female here, that can show me how to eatsushicorrectly and you like electronica ! ?

excuse me while i just stummble around franticaly pawing at the rss button, damb that you live in canada,

im too young anyway.

i friended you on flickr too.


Blogger -joel- said...

hahaa, after watching the video, you can teach me nothing about chopsticks.

Blogger sookie said...

i couldn't make my friend's look bad could i? plus i was trying to be didactic. hope you enjoyed the video nonetheless.


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